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Purple Academy

About Purple Academy:

Purple Academy is a community-based program that partners with local schools to deliver engaging and age-appropriate presentations on dating violence awareness. Through interactive sessions, we equip students with the knowledge and skills to recognize and address teen dating violence, fostering a culture of empathy and support among peers.

Mission Statement:

At Purple Academy, where conversation sparks change, we inspire and equip young leaders ages 13-17 to ignite transformation within their communities. Through engaging dialogue and empowerment initiatives, we cultivate an environment where these emerging leaders gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to drive positive change. We aim to create safer, more supportive environments for all, fostering a culture of empowerment and collaboration.

Join us for an enriching journey of growth and empowerment with Purple Academy, a dynamic initiative by Women of Refined Gold!

What We Offer:

  • Age-Appropriate Presentations: Tailored presentations for middle and high school students, fostering open conversations on teen dating violence.

  • Leadership Development Incubator: Our program provides a nurturing environment for students to develop leadership skills while promoting healthy relationships and self-esteem.

  • Youth Advocacy: Participants are empowered to become advocates for dating violence awareness within their communities, creating lasting change.


Why Choose Purple Academy?

  • Community-Based Approach: We work closely with local schools and organizations to ensure our program meets the unique needs of the community.

  • Interactive Learning: Engaging in workshops and activities fosters meaningful discussions and practical skill-building.

  • Empowering Future Leaders: Purple Academy cultivates a generation of compassionate leaders committed to promoting healthy relationships and advocating for social change.

Get Involved

Join us in empowering youth to create a safer and more inclusive future. Contact us today to learn more about Purple Academy and how you can participate or bring our program to your school or organization.

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